Pool Heaters

Swimming in Cold Water? You Have Heat Options

The least invasive and least expensive way to increase the temperature of your pool is to invest in a solar blanket.  We stock a variety of 5 year solar blankets along with reel systems to make their use easier and more convenient.

Looking For Heat on Demand?

Natural gas or propane heaters are the way to go.  Today’s pool heaters are much more efficient than their predecessors.  With high efficiency ratings, new pool heaters are extremely economical to operate.  If your pool heater is more than 5 years old, chances are a new efficient pool heater could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings.

Interested in Free Energy?

Harness the power of the sun and invest in Solar Heating.  You could be heating your pool with $0 yearly operating costs with 10-15 degree Fahrenheit warmer pool temperatures.  We recommend the Enersol Solar Heating System.  With an 18 year extended warranty and a life span of 20 years or more, there is no better option.  Enersol’s easy to follow instruction manual and DVD means your “do it yourself” pool heating system could be operational within a weekend.

Give us a call; we’d be happy to discuss your pool heat requirements and help you determine which heat system works best for you.

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